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  • Edited handbook on ‘ART in viral Infections” 2021.
  • Gupta S, Singh VJ, Fauzdar A, Prasad K, Srivastava A, Sharma K. Short ejaculatory abstinence in normozoospermic men isassociated with higher clinical pregnancy rates in sub-fertile couplesundergoing intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection in assisted reproductivetechnology: A retrospective analysis of 1691 cycles. J Hum Reprod Sci2021;14:273-80.
  • Gupta S et al. A preliminary experience of integration of an Electronic Witnessing System ( EWS ), its validation, efficacy on lab performance and staff satisfaction assessment in a busy Indian IVF laboratory.” Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences 2020 paper accepted Nov. 2020
  • Gupta S, Singh VJ, Fauzdar A, Srivastava A, Sharma K. A comparative study of semen parameters of men undergoing fertility treatment from urban population residing in Delhi/NCR region and semi-urban population from adjoining states. Fertil Sci Res 2020;7:60-9. DOI : 10.4103/fsr.fsr_7_20
  • Singla S, Gupta S, Munjal R, Chawla S, Dash BB. Role of pre IVF hysteroscopy in women with unexplained infertility for detecting unsuspected intrauterine lesions and effect on pregnancy outcome. Fertil SciRes 2020;7:105-10. DOI : 10.4103/fsr.fsr_15_20
  • Munjal R, Gupta S. Addition of oestradiol to progesterone for luteal phase support in GnRh antagonist IVF/ICSI cycles. Fertil Sci Res 2019;6:35-9. DOI 10.4103/fsr.fsr_25_19
  • Gupta S. Immunomodulation at the receptormediated cell-signalling, molecular level for fertility treatment. Fertil Sci Res 2015;2:161-2. DOI 10.4103/2394-4285.196792
  • Gupta S, Karuputhula N, Kumar N, Srivastava A, Singh B, Dubey K. Correlation of basal serum anti-Mullerian hormone level with oocyte quality and embryo development potential in women undergoing IVF-ICSI. Fertil Sci Res 2017;4:112-6.
  • Chapter writing on ‘Preterm labour in ART pregnancies’ for the World Clinics in Obstetrics and Gynecology, issue on Preterm Labor, book published by Jaypee brothers, 2012.
  • Gupta S, Bolaji I. Medical management of interstitial pregnancy with high beta-selective human chorionic gonadotrophin. Ultrasound2010;18:60–67.DOI: 10.1258/ult.2010.009004.
  • Gupta S, Ettles D, Robinson G, Lindow S. Inferior vena cava filter use in pregnancy: preliminary experience.British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (BJOG) 2008; 115:785-788.
  • Gupta S, Parsons P, Saha A, Wight C. Follow up of patients with SMILE (Stratified Mucin producing Intraepithelial Lesions) on cervix – a dilemma. Letters to the Editor / European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 148 (2010) 202–209.
  • Gupta S, Saha A. Letter to the editor accepted for BJOG “The Role of subtotal/Supracervical Hysterectomy in Current Practice.” “First comment on 2008-CM-5558R1.
  • Gupta S, Saha A. Letter to the editor accepted for The Obstetric Gynaecology (April 2009) on the Palmer “Endometrial hyperplasia” of TOG 10.4.
  • Speaker in Conferences/ Workshop / Courses faculty and convener
  • Moderator at webinar on topic ‘Role of Gynecologist in provision of care for transgender population” at IPathcon2020 webinar on 2nd Nov 20
  • Speaker for webinar for RCOG North zone India, Fertility CME on 7th Oct 20, topic luteal phase support in IUI
  • Speaker for IFS SIG endoscopy webinar on Cons of diagnostic laparoscopy in unexplained infertility on 13th Sept. 2020.
  • Speaker for webinar on “covid pandemic and infertility” on 19th April 20.
  • Participated as panelist in the early Pregnancy symposium What every Obstetrician needs to know organized by RCOG north zone, India at Delhi.
  • Speaker at Masterclass infertility and Reproductive endocrinology, AICC RCOG annual Conference, 9th Sept 2019.
  • Faculty at RCOG North Zone Part 3 Franchised course at Sant Parmanand course, Delhi, 14-16thSeptember 2019.
  • Moderated a panel discussion on transgender population, role of gynecologists and the multidisciplinary approach on 4th Aug 2019.
  • Presented on Fertility preservation best practice recommendations for infertility, joint consensus of ISAR/IFS/ACE/FOGSI on 2nd June 2019 at Faridabad.
  • National coordinator of focused meeting of Indian Fertility Society, meeting at Hyderabad on Environment and ART, 8th Jun, 2019.
  • Speaker for 21st Gynae update 2019 IMA Janakpuri, Delhi, on 10th March, topic endometriosis and infertility.
  • Faculty/Coordinator of Indian Fertility Society Certified Master Course on Reproductive Endocrinology and Applied Genetics on 23rdJanuary 2019
  • Invited speaker on Fetal reduction at multiple pregnancy and workshop coordinator on technology update at 14th-16th Dec, Fertivision 2018, Kochi. 14th Annual conference of Indian fertility society (IFS).
  • ISAR ACE embryology, 2nd Dec 2018, Jaipur: guest speaker on Agonist trigger.
  • Course convener and faculty for RCOG UK franchised MRCOG part 3 revision course on 21-22nd Nov. Delhi.
  • BJOG Author workshop AICC RCOG attended on 1st Nov. at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.
  • All India Coordinating Committee RCOG annual conference at Delhi, pre-conference workshop convener “clinical update in ART” and speaker on the topic “G-CSF therapy” on 2nd Nov. 2018, Delhi. Moderator for Panel discussion on “endometriosis and fertility” at the conference.
  • “Fertility news” monthly news bulletin, compiled by me on behalf of Indian fertility society, released every month since Aug 2018.
  • Speaker on Role of AMH in Infertility, Medicover Fertility global Summit at Leiv, Ukraine on 26th May 2018.
  • Faculty at Certified Master course on ovulation Induction by Indian Fertility Society (IFS) conducted on 4th Oct 2018 at IFS office.
  • Moderator for Panel discussion on fertility preservation, focused meetings conducted by IFS at Pune, India on 6th June 2018.
  • Speaker on “AMH in ART and beyond”, at Annual Conference of Indian Society of assisted reproduction ISAR 2018, Kolkata, April 22nd.
  • Medicover fertility update CME’s with local gynecologists at Rohtak, Noida, Rewari, Gurgaon, Dwarka in 2018, speaker on various topics like fertility treatment after 40 years age, basic infertility evaluation, recent advances.
  • MRCOG part 2 revision course convener and faculty by Rcog north zone on 31st May 2018, Delhi. Speaker on MRCOG exam overview, NHS healthcare, clinical governance and communication role play, overview on Reproductive medicine.
  • Speaker, Ovary – unravelling the enigma, at CME on May 21- 2017 at Faridabad, under the aegis of Indian Fertility Society, Haryana.
  • Workshop coordinator and speaker at annual conference, ISAR Haryana, 23rd April 2017 on “quality control in IVF and data management”.
  • Fertivision 2017, poster presentation at Annual conference of Indian Fertility Society on topic “oocyte and embryo quality in polycystic ovary syndrome women undergoing IVF with normal AMH level.”
  • Fertivision 2017, poster presentation at Annual conference of Indian Fertility Society on the topic “Real time monitoring and identification of events to improve the culture condition in G185 tri-gas incubator.
  • Speaker on topic “AMH in ART” at Annual conference of North zone RCOG at Delhi on 17th Dec 2017.
  • Faculty at 22nd IFFS World Conference 22 sept 2016 at Delhi-NCR on topic “Trouble shooting in ART”.
  • Participated atthe Annual Conference as faculty of North zone AICC RCOG ( UK) on 9th/10th Sept. 2016.
  • Course convener of extended online revision program of RCOG part 2 revision course program, March 2015.
  • Attained certification in ART by British fertility Society(2011) from Homerton University Hospital, UK.
  • Poster at Yorkshire regional meeting (2009).In search of optimal surveillance interval after diagnosis of CIN 1 at Leeds, Jan 2009.
  • Poster at Yorkshire regional meeting (2008). Re audit on management of PPH at HRI – Yorkshire regional day at Leeds, Feb ’08.
  • Poster at Yorkshire regional meeting (2007).Audit on management of PPH at HRI – Yorkshire regional conference day at York (UK) on 12th Jan 2007.

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